Thursday, June 28, 2012

Unfolding the Bio CIty

Here is a sneak peek at the sculptural bookwork I have been working on. It's a pop-up urban landscape, based on buildings I have been photographing around Montreal's canal bike path.

The bookwork transforms from a flat object to an unfolding city, with towers and cranes jutting upwards, and vertebrae popping out of the sides.

An amazing resource for different ways to fold paper is the instructional manual 'Fold', written by Cherryl Moote and available online at . I have quickly become addicted to her section on explosion folds!

'off the map' bookwork

'off the map' unfolds into an experience of exploring a book about exploring the city on a bicycle. Screenprinted in a limited edition of 35, the books' covers are a set of 3 independently rotating gears printed on found leather.

With 'off the map' I am using imagery and personal short narratives to convey the sensation of bicycling within the grid of the city yet with the freedom to explore cracks, sidepaths and unnamed paths through the city.

'off the map' is being exhibited at 'Camp Nano' at the OCADU Student Gallery, 285 Dundas Street West, in Toronto, from June-July 2012

On June 4, 2012, I was one of the screenprinters who took over the stage of Trampoline Hall, an art lecture series in Toronto. Between the 3 lecturers (Chris Boni, Guy Halpern and Amelia Ehrhardt), fellow artists Ashley, Joanna and I screenprinted any flat objects brought up by audience members. Artists Casey, Annie and Dina coordinated the receiving and returning of the audience member's new art pieces.

An offshoot of Shannon Gerard's NanoPublishing course (offered at OCADU in Toronto!), myself and the other Biohazard Babes (and Boy!) brought some surreal art participation into audience members' lives. A big thanks goes out to Misha Glouberman for getting mixed up in the crazy live screenprinting world of the Biohazard Babes!