Saturday, February 6, 2016

'Love on the Street' - Photographs and Bookworks Abound!

Followers of my Instagram @nataliedraz will have seen some of these 'love on the street' photographs before. I try to find a heart or instance of loving your city once a day, and document it.

  I've been working on some tiny hard-cover books, each 3x3" and containing 8 linked Love on the Street moments. I've got 5 compilations so far and big plans for more!!


But in between my tiny bookmaking (mostly while waiting for covers to dry), I've been matting and framing up 6x6" Love on the Street moments too! 

The framed photographs are available at PROOF Studio Gallery in Toronto's Distillery District. Luckily a 6x6" matted photograph is small enough to still be counted as regular mail, so Love on the Street can find its way around the world via the post office!