Thursday, January 29, 2009

Photography: 'Embellishments' in Old Vic Jan. 25-29, 2009

Last day of my week-long exhibition of 'Embellishments' in Old Vic's foyer, part of "Vic Going Global". I'm also taking names and e-mails of people interested in being photographed and "tattooed"!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

'Mask' 5x5 Monoprint with Flocked Pigment

This mask is one of four flocked masks exhibited at the Gladstone Hotel Speakeasy.

Flocking with pigment instead of fibre is highly addictive! The pigment can be very sparse and spraypaint-esque or can block out the entire background. A great way to experiment with layers and colours, too.

Printmaking Intaglio 'Queen'

Intaglio 18x24

Printmaking: Pigment Flocked Monoprint for Textile Museum Fundraiser

'Radioactive Bunny'

I contributed a pigment monoprint to the Toronto Textile Museum's annual fundraiser, on until October 31 2008.

Update: This piece is now sold! Thanks to all the artists and art-lovers that contributed to the Textile Museum.

Participation Art: Nuit Blanche 2007 Photo Shoot and Video Exhibit

I was the interactive photographer for Nuit Blanche 2007 at PROOF, taking over two hundred photos of participants that then became the art on the walls as the night went on. See a collection of the photos at:

Nuit Blanche 2008 is coming up on October 4, 2008 with the theme of secrets. Come be photographed - we provide the masks and you provide the secrets!

Printmaking: Pigment Flocked Jazz Pieces

Three jazz-inspired monoprints. These prints are being exhibited at the All-Canadian Jazz Festival from September 19 - September 21, 2008.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Photography & Digital Illustration: 'Embellishments'


The intersection of two historically suppressed embellishments through digital photography.

Historically both Victorian wallpaper and tattoos have been stigmatized as signs of deviancy, and now both have been consumed into mass media. Wallpaper such as the Victorian Regency wallpaper available to women through the Sears catalogue was considered so sexually evocative that it was banned through churches, and many homes were whitewashed or covered with newspaper. Tattoos were part of a police profiling check-off that were "scientifically" linked with criminality and psychological illnesses - of course the studied people happened to also either be in the army or in jail.

Pictures of the exhibition while up at St. Joseph's College, March 7-20, 2008 (Supported by the University of Toronto's Festival of the Arts).

This show of photographs was also exhibited at the Toronto restaurant Le Bar Au Soupe, 164 Ossington Ave from September through November, 2008.

'Embellishments' is also up for the Victoria College Photography Week, Jan. 19-24 2009.

These two girls were performers at FAT: Fashion Alternatives Toronto, and had both an amazing set of costumes and an amazing act.
The three nights of the show had some great designers as well as some mundane ones (hint: if you could buy the exact same clothes at the Gap, why bother?)
The best part of photographing this show is the freedom the models are given to dance, run, scream and generally have real personality on the catwalk.

Printmaking: Chinese New Year of the Rat

4 Plate Linocut with Reduction, 11x14

This year's contribution to the 2008 Year of the Rat Print Exhibition and Exchange at PROOF Studio Gallery. I actually had so much fun with this squirrely piece that I decided to do another rat piece for the show.

Linocut with Chine Collé, 11x14

Exhibited at PROOF Studio Gallery, February 2008.

To see all the other entries as well as photographs of the opening:

Update: Here are my prints among the others at PROOF Studio Gallery.

Printmaking: Chinese New Year of the Pig


This was my printmaking piece for last year's Year of the Pig. The rest of the entries and the opening is at .

This was the first time I'd used a metallic ink, and I was very happy with the sheen it ended up with. The metallic ink was very pervasive and slowly ended up in the red, so over the edition the red gets very metallic.

I have the Year of the Rooster and the Dog somewhere as well, but for now they'll consigned to the oblivion of past portfolios.

Sculpture & Photography - Shadow Battery Factory

'Shadow Battery Factory'

After ripping apart the battery with tweezers and gluing it all into the sculpture that forms this shadow, I saw Ed Burtynsky's "Manufactured Landscape" film where a woman in China in pulling batteries apart to pick out the heavy metals all batteries have. Batteries are the most destructive everyday object I can think of, between the inefficiency and the metal poisoning capabilities.

3-D Paper Construction & Photography - 'Cardboard Alley'

'Cardboard Alley' is a piece created out of paper goods that were thrown out.

My final pick. A 'dawn' look. This diorama is 100% paper and foamcore painted with acrylic and attached with hot glue. The only non-handmade part is the translucent scarf for the backdrop. The diorama is about 10' tall and 14' across.

This effect was achieved by having colored Christmas lights behind the backdrop cloth.

A 'night' scene, achieved with just light from the flashlight coming through a blue section of the background cloth.

These two are photographs of the 3-D diorama with both ambient light and directed light from a flashlight covered in cloth to soften the light and then half-covered with my hand to break up the circle.

I am now beginning the switch over to this blog! Stay tuned.