Saturday, January 10, 2009

3-D Paper Construction & Photography - 'Cardboard Alley'

'Cardboard Alley' is a piece created out of paper goods that were thrown out.

My final pick. A 'dawn' look. This diorama is 100% paper and foamcore painted with acrylic and attached with hot glue. The only non-handmade part is the translucent scarf for the backdrop. The diorama is about 10' tall and 14' across.

This effect was achieved by having colored Christmas lights behind the backdrop cloth.

A 'night' scene, achieved with just light from the flashlight coming through a blue section of the background cloth.

These two are photographs of the 3-D diorama with both ambient light and directed light from a flashlight covered in cloth to soften the light and then half-covered with my hand to break up the circle.

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