Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Papermaking at Banff - continued!

A beautiful sky after a long day of making paper!

I had the pleasure of demonstrating how to make paper for the Life Long Learners Group from Canmore and Jim Olver.

I'm continuing to make sky paper using the lovely 15x15" frames - a size I've never seen before. I'm becoming very spoiled in the huge, beautiful paper studio - so much space! The most amazing beater! And a huge dry-box!

(photos courtesy of Jim Olver and The Banff Center)

And I am continuing my paper dying to track the colours of Banff. I am now onto stone-paper, after several amazing hikes through Johnston Canyon, Lake Louise, and up to Peyto Glacier:

Swirling pulp begins to resemble granite and moss

All kinds of coloured pulp to use!

I also collected all the bingo sheets after a rainy afternoon of bingo at Banff's Legion Hall, and made them into paper. I'm taking the Legion a sheet this week as a thank-you - they happily gave me all the used sheets!

And finally, a Northern Pocket Gopher from the Natural History Museum's collection. While I would dearly love to carry around a pocket gopher, I haven't managed to spot one yet.

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