Thursday, October 8, 2015

NYC World Maker Faire 2015

I had an AMAZING time as always at the NYC World Maker Faire, on September 26 & 27!

The last few weeks leading up to the NYC Maker Faire were blur of drawing and getting ready! Working on an NYC-themed pop up of all my favourite places in the city was a highlight - as was visiting each once we arrived!

 Working away on a 'flock' of pocket-sized exploding lotus Intersections; TOR

Checking out my folds and inserts.

The 5 hour delay at the airport ended up being the perfect production space: we settled in with coffee and got to folding!

This year, I brought down a variety of my large-scale bookworks, including both a new Exploding Lotus called Intersections:TOR & a Pop Up New York City - hot off the press!

 One of the highlights every year is meeting other enthusiastic makers: artists and illustrators; an epic insta-soap-workshop run by a trio of friendly Texans; 3D printers working on letterpress and gear-driven trebuchets; the world's tiniest CEO walking around selling his self-published book. It's such a treasure to be surrounded by creative spirits!

 Setting up next to Shane Evan's 30 foot tall Resurrection Robot, made out of recycled planes, was definitely a highlight!
I was also delighted to win the NYC World's Maker's Faire Editor's Choice Award
& The Best in Class Award!

While at the Faire, I worked along on a book of all the creative Maker ventures happening all around us: the LifeSize Mousetrap, making rockets underneath actual rockets, puppet-building near the UniSphere, and of course POP UP BOOKS!!!!

 We were surprised to find out the Pope was visiting NYC on the same weekend, but this is as close as we could get!

A kaleidoscope dome!
Robo-poetry on the go!

This furry friend.
Getting oriented at the Maker Faire!

And my pop up map of what I saw that weekend - thanks to all the Makers who came and made their own with me!!

Thanks to all the Makers, movers and shakers, colouring enthusiasts and general awesome people who I got to say hello to!!! See you next year!!


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